Your Sweet Home Needs Indoor Best Air Purifiers

You cannot escape from polluted air, indoors or outdoors. As per a research report by iqair, as compared to other less polluted nations, Indians are vulnerable to an average of 83.2 g/cubic meter of PM2.5 particles, which is a negligibly small amount of only 8g/cubic meters. Hence, it is a must for us to search for the best air purifier for our homes.

Indians inhale 5 times more polluted indoor air.

As we spend most of our time indoors, in an office or home, the availability of clean air becomes scarcer due to the wrong ventilation system, paint, dust, smog, and other particles in the atmosphere.

The discharge of contaminants can occur more or less continually from some sources, including pet hair, cigarettes smoke, CFCs from refrigerators, asbestos, nitrogen dioxide, mold and mildew, soot and fumes from cooking, and CFCs from air fresheners, furniture, and building supplies. Pollutants trapped indoors in our homes, such as furniture and carpets, or due to inadequate dilution by outdoor pollution, amplify the declining air quality or indoor pollution.

Depending on where you reside, the circumstance can be worse.

How can air purifiers help you?

Patients with asthma, children with underdeveloped immune systems, and pregnant women, most sensitive to indoor air pollutants, all benefit from using air purifiers.

The best air purifiers absorb indoor air pollutants and clean the home atmosphere. Additionally, it cleanses your home of unpleasant odors and keeps it fresh.

Because indoor air is five times more polluted than outdoor air, installing an indoor air purifier for your senior parents, newly born kids, and family is a wise idea. We have the option to choose from so many renowned brands. An international industry leader in OEM and supplier, Elofic Industries has introduced a range of air purifiers for your homes.

Why Choose Elofic Air Purifiers for Home?

Elofic is among the largest manufacturers of filters in India, offering a full line of lubricants and filters. Elofic has a trust factor of over 70 years as India’s largest OEM Supplier and exporter of filters. It is one of the top-quality industrial air purifiers and indoor air purifier manufacturers in India.

Elofic Air Purifier is one of the best air purifiers in India. It ensures you and your loved ones have clean, healthy air continually. As a result, your immunity, respiration, and vitality will all improve, helping to maintain your overall health.

It filters the allergens and pollutants, almost invisible to our eyeball, by using filters, HEPA, or ozone technology. Elofic air purifiers use six-layer filtration technology to release cleaner indoor air.

Let us dig it out in detail.


This layer initially blocks the airborne particles larger than 5 microns.

Substrate Media

This layer offers defense against microorganisms like fungi and pet dander. While breathing, dangerous biotic or abiotic substances make up a substrate. The Elofic air purifier controls these organisms and offers clean air.

Activated Carbon Granules

Activated Carbon Filters are prepared after refining carbon that absorbs and retains a wide range of chemicals simultaneously. These filters are efficient in preventing odors and chemicals from indoor air, including cigarette smoke, fireplace gases, volatile organic compounds, pet smell, and culinary odors.

Negative Ions

Negative ions have many health benefits and are commonly found around waterfalls, on the ocean’s surface, on the beach, and following a storm. The Elofic Air Purifier emits roughly the same number of negative ions every time and keeps your indoor air fresh and clean.

Meltblown HEPA

Meltblown HEPA eliminates dust particles up to 0.5 microns with 99.9% efficiency. This layer has low airflow resistance and is quite effective. It also has a high capacity to hold dirt particles.

Protection Layer

The Protection Layer offers strength and longevity to the Filter element.

Our Recommendation:

Even though every nook and cranny of your house, living room, or kitchen appears clean at the moment, you are surrounded by minute pollutants or contaminated air. These tiny particles cause serious health issues when they enter our bloodstream and reach our lungs through inhalation. For your family, we advise you to get a trustworthy air purifier for homes as early as possible.

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