Why Air Purifier


Ever considered how many hours you spend dusting out or cleaning out your rooms.  It was just yesterday that you dusted out your tables, book shelves, sofas and the next day you find layers of dust solemnly covering and resting on your furniture and books. This is one of the many causes pollution ushers into our lives. And while our homes look clean and shiny we are oblivious of the tiny particles and gases contaminating the air we breathe. These tiny pollutants existing in the size of a virus are invisible to our naked eyes yet more hazardous than the dirt we see around us, because these fine and ultrafine particles when inhaled enter our bloodstreams through our lungs causing severe health problems.

Just as food and water is essential for life, air is also an integral component for us to exist. However, we often don’t or forget to give as much importance to clean air as we are as particular about the foods and water we consume. We often find ourselves extremely discerning about the quality of food and water we consume. Take a pause and give it a thought, are we that perceptive of the quality of air we breathe at home? While one can forgo food for a day, can we do the same without breathing? And how much are we concerned about the air quality that we breathe in? It is very less likely that we give equal emphasis on air like we do to food and water.

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