what an Elofic Air Purifier can do for Winter Air

Contrary to popular belief, air pollution is highest during winters. Some can feel it, but some get tricked by the cool weather. A comfortable temperature is not equivalent to clean air. Air purifiers are most necessary indoors and also needed in public places during winter.Let us find out what pollutes the air more in winters and how we can deal with the problem.

The driest season

Winter in India is mostly dry, more than summer and even spring. The sky is clear, there is no rain. That feels great, but rain washes away a lot of the particulate matter and toxic gases away from the air. Without some rain, the atmosphere is full of pollutants. This is why we need an air cleaner in winter more than in any other season.

The winter inversion

We all know anything that is hot is low in density and therefore, it rises upwards. The lower layers of the air in the atmosphere is directly in contact with the vehicular emission, toxic gases from factories and households, particulate matter, and other pollutants. During summers, this lower layer of air that carries the pollutants is also warmer because it takes the heat radiating from the earth. This warmer air rises, carrying away with it these pollutants while the layer above it sinks below. This layer too accumulates some more of the pollutants and rises when it gets warm.

This is called vertical mixing of the air. Some pollutants are carried away to the upper layers of the air making the lower levels, that is in contact with us, less polluted. Though we still need an air purifier technology in the household and office spaces even in summers, the air at the ground level is less polluted than in winters.

In winters, the surface of the earth is cooler, so the atmospheric air that accumulates the pollutants, settle down instead of rising. There is a concentration of pollutants in the level of atmosphere that is in touch with people. This leads to fog, smog, and multiple times more pollution than during any other season.

The afternoons are better because the temperature rises a little. But late nights and early mornings are the most polluted times of the day during winters. At night people take deep breaths in their sleep. If the air in the bedroom is polluted, they breathe in the toxic substances.

Elofic air purifiers come with technology that can sense when the air is free from pollutants. So, you can switch the purifier on and go to bed. This is the time it switches off automatically. When you wake up, the air will be clean, the room will be fresh, but the purifier would have turned itself off when its job is done, so that you don’t get a huge electricity bill at the end of the month.

Staying warm comes at a price

Some houses are in areas where people burn rubber tyres, dry leaves, and such things to make a fire and keep warm. The dust and smoke from these fires enter the houses around. No matter how tightly you keep the windows shut, the smoke finds small vents to enter and pollute your rooms, almost suffocating you. Therefore, we need advanced filtration technology for winter air pollution.

There is no way out with the windows all shut

Those who have wooden window panes will know how stuffy the air can get in a room. We need to keep the windows shut because it is cold outside. But the smoke and pollution manages to enter anyway. Those who have glass window panes, do not need to worry about external smog entering the house. But the indoor smoke, smell of paint, mosquito repellant gas, and organic waste is polluting the air constantly. An efficient air purifier with HEPA technology is an absolute necessity for indoor air quality management.

The Diwali fever is still on

Filtration experts recommend a good air purifier for winter air. The toxic gases from firecrackers during Diwali, the toxic chemicals from mosquito repellants, these are abundant in a winter home.

The firecrackers don’t stop with Diwali. Winter is also the season of weddings and New Year! Not that anybody is complaining about people having some fun. But we do need to protect ourselves from the pollutants in the air.

Elofic air purifiers to the rescue

Dust, pollen, dander, soot, whatever it may be, Elofic air purifier will take care of it all. They come with HEPA technology and ionic filtration system. There are six layers in the filtration units of Elofic’s air purifiers. Elofic air purifiers are perfect for every kind of air pollutant that might be present in your home including:

  • Bio-waste
  • Outdoor smoke
  • Fireplace soot
  • Pet dander
  • Pollens

Install Elofic air purifier at your home and protect yourself and your loved ones from the toxic chemicals and suffocating gases all around you. Breathe in fresh and clean air and be healthy.


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