Elofic Raahe Car Air Purifier

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You need the protection of Elofic’s best car air purifier for your journeys too. Breathe healthy air in your home, office, and on the way in between the two as well. Raahe is created as your healthy travel companion.

  • Highly efficient composite filter media supported by PP frame.
  • Higher effective filtration area.
  • Particle efficiency > 99.9% at 0.5μm.
  • Lower pressure drop, higher dirt holding capacity.
  • Low maintenance and running cost.
  • Ionic Purification system.
  • Ozone free.
  • Neutralizes harmful VOCs and other toxins.
  • 3 steps fan speed for air flow adjustments based on environmental conditions.
  • Auto restart feature for abrupt power disruption.
  • Filter replacement alert feature
  • Low Noise level (<35dB).
  • Works on HEPA filtration technology.

This extremely lightweight model (550gm) can fit into your car securely and keep every kind of pollution at bay for a radius of over 3m.

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