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What is air pollution and how can Elofic help me against it?

Air pollution is the impurity and toxicity in the air that renders the air unfit for living beings to breathe in without consequences to the physical health. Elofic air purifiers tackle all kinds of air pollutants including dust, biological waste, chemical waste, particulate matter, toxins, allergens, bacteria, and pungent odours. As a result, you get to breathe pure and clean air, free from all the harmful elements in the air. This helps you get rid of air pollution related headaches, nausea, fatigue, respiratory problems, lung and heart problems, hair loss, skin diseases, appetite loss, irritation in the eyes, and the resultant bad mood.

Why do I need an air purifier in my car if the AC is on?

Even if you never roll the windshields down, the gases from the AC itself, and a lot of particulate matter from the air passages enter your car. The car floor gets very dirty with everything occupants bring in with their shoes. You need a fully functional automotive air purifier to make sure the air you breathe in a closed space like a car is fresh and pure.

Why do I need air purifier in my home? What pollutes indoor air?

It is a myth that the pollution outside our homes is the only thing we need to protect ourselves from. In fact, indoor air pollution is a leading air pollution issue in urban areas. Our homes have multiple sources of toxins and allergens. For example, the paint on the walls, pet fur, moist carpets, mould, tobacco smoke, pesticides, lead, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, soot, cooking gases in the kitchen, toxins in the household cleaning products or the trash that you didn’t find the time to take out yet. These things together make the indoor air unhealthy. This is why you need a comprehensive air purifier to purify the air in every room in your house as well.

How can Elofic air purifier purify an entire gym?

There is a lot of sweat, shoe smell, heat from electronics, and gases from the air conditioners generated at the gym. The Whitehorse model from Elofic Air Purifiers is made for such large areas. This model will keep an entire gym, or hospital, or restaurant, free from the collective toxins and impurities in the air that are common in spaces where there are too many people. Get this model installed by Elofic’s own team for optimum air purification with the minimum number of units required in a large space.

What about the harmful emissions from the purifier itself?

Elofic Air Purifiers use ionisers to purify the air. There is no harmful emission from the activity of the purifier itself. Our models are manufactured to be eco-friendly and safe for everybody.

What about the electricity and maintenance cost?

Elofic Air Purifiers generate a very low running cost. Some of our models work on timers so that they can automatically switch off when the air has been purified. So, do not worry about dozing off with the system on. It will know when to stop. The purifiers are also manufactured to be durable so you do not have to waste time and money on frequent maintenance and repairs.

How do I keep track of maintenance schedules?

Our air purifier models come with filter alerts to remind you when a scheduled maintenance is up. You do not have to set a reminder for yourself or keep checking when it is time for a check. These models are pretty self-reliant thanks to the advanced technology we use to ensure the utmost convenience for our customers.

What to do when I want the purifier on when I go to bed but don’t want it on all night?

Get one of our air purifiers with a timer. This feature helps you set a time limit for the purifier to run. You can go to bed in peace while the device works. When the air in the room is totally free from all impurities, it will turn off on its own.

What do I do if the purifier gets damaged?

Elofic Industries has always offered excellent after sales services to its customers so you do not need to worry about damages. If it is within the warranty period, you will get the device repaired or replaced at no cost. In case the damage happens due to poor handling, or after the warranty period is over, you will still get our after sales services at very reasonable rates.

Why should I choose Elofic over other brands?

Elofic purifies work with ionisers. There is no harmful chemical released by the purifier itself. There is a 6-step purification system including HEPA to ensure that all kinds of germs and toxins in the air are held back from entering your room. Mould and bacteria will not slip through the design of the HEPA filter. The frame of the device is has a one-of-a-kind leak-proof design to ensure no amount of air escapes into your space untreated. Elofic air purifiers also come with additional features like timer and filter check alerts, which make using and maintaining the device easier for you.

How can an Elofic Air Purifier help children or seniors who are more prone to illnesses?

Elofic air purifiers are not only safe for children and elderly people, they are rather reliable to provide the cleanest air to all. Children and the elderly are more susceptible to airborne diseases because their immune systems are weaker than that of those between 18 and 48 year olds. With pure air everywhere, you don’t need to worry about infection in the air your child or ailing grandparents are breathing in.

Elofic air purifiers are not only used in residential homes. They are also used to protect children at daycares and schools, and old people in hospitals and old age homes. With the ionizing technology and six step HEPA purification, Elofic air purifiers ensure there is no CFC or carbon compounds in the air. Hence, Elofic air purifiers offer filtration that is good enough for infants, old people, and even people with respiratory problems. Elofic air purifier helps boost the growth of an infant or toddler, and keeps older ailing people from further illnesses, by ensuring a bacteria and infection free atmosphere.

Can the emissions from the purifier harm my pets?

Elofic Air Purifier models are manufactured keeping everybody in mind. Since there is no side-effect of the ionic filtration procedure of our air purifiers, your pets will not only be safe from an Elofic air purifier, but also benefit from it. Pets live closer to the ground than people and their breathing is heavier than that of human beings. Without a good air purifier, they end up breathing in more dust and heavy toxic air that settles on the lower levels of a room.

The HEPA technology in Elofic purifiers ensures there is no mould or bacterial residue in the air you breathe. Your pets are protected from every airborne disease. Elofic air purifiers produce anions and not toxins. It will leave your pet in a healthier environment without side effects. Our purifiers do not produce CFC, or harmful carbon compounds. Switch on an Elofic Air Purifier, sit back and relax and leave the worrying to us.

Where do I install the purifier so that it doesn’t obstruct the path?

All the Elofic Air purifier models have a sleek attractive design to ensure that no matter where you place our purifier, it will enhance the look of the room. Elofic purifiers are designed to take up the least amount of space possible. Our team helps you with the entire installation and placement procedure so that the purifier is well set and installed at a position from which it can draw the impurities from all corners of the room. Our experienced team makes sure it is always placed in a way that does not obstruct your path. In fact, our team is experienced enough to know where to put the handsome models of air purifiers so that it purifies the air from every corner of the room and also looks suitable being placed there.

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