Dig Deeper and Get To Know Why Air Purifiers Are a Boon to the People


Dig Deeper and Get To Know Why Air Purifiers Are a Boon to the People

Just as food and water is essential for life, air is also an integral component for us to exist. However, we often don’t or forget to give as much importance to clean air as we are as particular about the foods and water we consume. We often find ourselves extremely discerning about the quality of food and water we consume. Take a pause and give it a thought, are we that perceptive of the quality of air we breathe at home? While one can forgo food for a day, can we do the same without breathing? And how much are we concerned about the air quality that we breathe in? It is very less likely that we give equal emphasis on air like we do to food and water.

The ill-effects of rapid industrialization and urbanization globally have put humanity at risk. Amongst the many causes of environmental crisis, air pollution is one major threat that many of the metropolitan cities and suburbs are challenged with. In India as many as 14 cities have been registered as most polluted cities in the world by the World Health Organisation. The air is considered unfit for breathing.

Air pollution, however, is not only an outdoor occurrence but is also a massive indoor existence which is in fact even more hazardous and detrimental to us humans at all stages of life. We are often deluded by the belief that our seemingly clean, tidy and odorless home is pollutants- free and that we are safe inside our homes and indoors. However, our indoor air is often contaminated by gases and particles. Most of these pollutants indoor exist in the size of a virus and are invisible to our naked eyes. They are trapped inside our homes in the household furniture, carpets, etc which are also the by-products of the household devices, chemicals, utilities and activities we perform at home such as smoking, cooking etc. These particulate matters when inhaled enter into our bloodstreams through our lungs resulting in various health issues from respiratory illness to chest infections to cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Pollutants can be drawn in from outside while our close and tightly sealed homes with less ventilation breed pollutants. Some of the major sources of indoor air pollution are building materials, bio-aerosols, combustion, pesticides, heavy metals, tobacco smoke, radon, asbestos etc. The intensity of poor air quality and air pollution indoors are also aggravated by the fact that pollutants are trapped inside our households in the furniture, in the carpets and often lack dilution with clean air and cannot be easily drained out easily like that of the outdoor pollution.

We are well aware of the threats air pollution causes us. The horrendous effect air pollution brings to us human ranges from short term to long term health issues. While the short term effects are irritation of the eyes, nose and throat, upper respiratory infections like bronchitis and pneumonia, the long term effects are chronic respiratory disease, lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, and damage of the nerves, liver, kidneys or brain. Regardless of the long term or short term, air pollution is never a friend of human at all stages, and it aggravates the medical condition of elderly people and also affects kids at their tender age and worse for those who have asthma and emphysema.

To do away with the air pollution indoors the best way is to have air purifier unit installed at homes. It is important that we have clean air quality indoors because we spend most of our times indoors, which as mentioned earlier have less dilution with clean air. Thus, the job of purifying air pollutants indoors is carried out by air purifiers. Thanks to the many inventions of air purifiers. Typically, the best air purifiers come with HEPA filters with high Clean Air Delivery rate (CADR). HEPA meaning High –Efficiency Particulate Air, is a type of filter that purifies the air by trapping particles and small particles. It is known to remove about 99.9% of impurities and dust particles from the air also including pollen, mould, spores, pet dander and dust mites. Elofic Air purifiers are one of such ideal air purifiers for your homes. The Elofic Air purifiers come with multi-layer media, carbon-activated plus HEPA amongst various features. One can see the change in the air quality, an actual reading before and after the use of air purifiers with a sophisticated air quality monitor also available at Elofic.

While maintaining a clean home is in everyone’s list, health concerns is the top reason why we should have clean air at homes and that is why air purifiers are essential and proves to be a great buy for your homes. Air purifiers bring us number of benefits from home care to health care and have proved to be a boon for the people with the amazing job it performs. Air purifiers have made our life easier and homes cleaner, no worries about breathing in impure air and air pollution related disease. You don’t have to worry about your ailing elderly parents or children at tender age who are otherwise exposed to the horrendous effects of air pollution.

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