Delhi’s Topography and Toxic Air

Delhi’s Topography and Toxic Air

It’s winter season and the sky isn’t all blue in Delhi but filled with grey thick smog that seems to have elevated from down here. Even the sun some 38000 feet shy to bring its warmth and light. Each day waking up to hazy, gloomy and smog-filled morning seems to have become the norm with every change in season much worse during winters. Traveling in the smog-filled atmosphere with meager visibility level that warns people of accidents. People warned of going out against the pollutants filled the air, yes that’s life in Delhi-NCR. And that’s not all, because air pollution is not only confined at the outside but is also a phenomenon that invades our indoors as well. Air quality indoors is even worse because of the toxic gasses produced from the activities we perform at home like cooking, fuming, chemicals from polishing homes and furniture, pollen, pet dander etc.

Imagine the level of air quality we breathe every single day. Outdoor pollutants enter and invade our already polluted homes. We see the veneer of dust laying everywhere and that thin veil of smog making our rooms gloomy and giving us the bad weather day vibe. These outdoor and indoor pollutants have their rendezvous and give us a slow holocaust every single day. And there is little or no thorough cleansing but for the pollutants getting accumulated within the concrete walls. And this is the situation in every metropolitan city and a mammoth issue for Delhi-NCR.

Air Quality Index

Ever wondered why Delhi suffers a staggering level of air pollution? While Delhi whirls under a “severe” air quality index and public health emergency, people in other major cities like Mumbai were breathing safe and commiserating their families, friends and loved ones in Delhi of the poor air quality. Among all other causal factors, Delhi’s topography remains a major factor that makes it complex for the government to mitigate the problem of air pollution. Lying on the northwest of central plains and southwest of the Himalayan region, Delhi, a megacity has been named Toxic pollutant Punchbowl by researchers because of the geographical disadvantage it suffers. Its topography allows for deporting of pollutants towards it and further enabling its accumulation. The pollutants thus gathered remain trapped with the change of direction in the wind soon after, as monsoon retreats. And as a landlocked city, it is, the city does not have an avenue for flushing out the polluted air. No sea breezes to trade with unlike coastal cities like Mumbai, Chennai, etc but a more polluted air from the neighboring regions that invades the city causing a human catastrophe every now and then. Thus natural occurrence like rain, speed wind, etc becomes the only safe haven for Delhi people besides the mediocre measures by the government.

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