Air Purifiers for Home Cleanliness and Dusty Weather Conditions Outdoors

Ever considered how many hours you spend dusting out or cleaning your house? It was just yesterday that you dusted your tables, book shelves, sofas and the next day you find layers of dust solemnly covering and resting on your furniture and books. This is one of the many causes pollution ushers into our lives. And while our homes look clean and shiny we are oblivious of the tiny particles and gases contaminating the air we breathe. These tiny pollutants existing in the size of a virus are invisible to our naked eyes yet more hazardous than the dirt we see around us, because these fine and ultrafine particles when inhaled enter our bloodstreams through our lungs causing severe health problems.

Pets are guilty too

Many of us love to keep pets like cats and dogs as good companies they are to us. However, we go through the share of bearing their dirt, their skin dander floating around the house, settling on surface, on clothes, their urine stain, odor etc. and cat’s dander are known to be a common cause of allergic reaction. For those with allergies pet dander could be a real problem.

Elofic air purifier: Your perfect assistant

While we try to keep up cleaning every day, vacuuming alone cannot do the job of efficiently cleaning out such pollutants at home. But thanks to the innovative invention of Air purifiers that makes our life easier and home cleaner by draining out pollutants and helping us combat with such elements indoors dangerous to our health. A good air purifier typically comes with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particular Air) filtrations specifically designed not only to purify and freshen the indoor air but also to perform the magical job of eliminating allergens and pollutants that contaminates the air inside our homes. Elofic Air Purifiers are one of such best purifiers that come with special features like multi-layer media, HEPA and Activated Carbon granules amongst many. This HEPA feature in Air purifiers are known to remove 99.9% of dust particles and impurities from the air including pollen, mould, spores, pet dander, dust mites etc.

Enjoy an odour free house

Another important feature of Elofic Air Purifiers is the presence of Activate Carbon granules. These activated carbon filters does the job of absorbing air-borne chemicals and odours such as smoke, fumes and cooking odours. Sometimes we use materials in our homes such as disinfectant, varnish, paints etc that give off smell that is not only unpleasant but is dangerous to our health. The pungent smell from the kitchen while cooking, and the smoke from cigarette, all of these contaminate the air inside our homes. Thus air purifiers again make it safe and easy for us to get rid of these unpleasant odours wafting around our houses and also the pollutants that are a risk to our health.

While not only helping us remove dust mite, pollen, dander, odours and other  visible dirt that surfaces around our homes, air purifiers also perform the job of eliminating invisible dirt and impurities that are trapped  inside our furniture, carpets and areas where dangerous bacteria breeds, causing us horrendous diseases when transferred into our bodies.

What dust can do to you

Dust originates from various sources. It is not only from the sources indoors but dust can also be drawn from outside, much of which comes from the airborne particles contained in soil, plants and animals. Especially on a dusty weather day or a dust storm occurring outside can be a huge mess. As it is breathing in dust in large amount is bad for anyone’s health, elderly people, pregnant women, children and toddlers, people with cardiovascular disease, asthma, bronchitis emphysema etc are more vulnerable and susceptible to the harmful effects of such pollutants invading our lives.

Let’s be prepared

We cannot however stop the occurrence of such dusty weather conditions; we can only brace ourselves with certain methods to prevent ourselves from its harmful effects. While keeping doors and windows shut to prevent from the dust and harmful pollutants entering our homes on a dusty weather day, air purifiers are one effective mechanism to combat the pollutants.

Air purifiers are an ideal solution for your homes for a great way to clean air. The pet dander, pollen and dust particles causing you allergy and making you sneeze can be easily done away with air purifiers. You are helped enormously by air purifiers by filtering out the pungent smell from your kitchen, the paint fumes and varnish smells making the air you breathe clean and pleasant. Do away with the stale and stuffy smell. Also you will get a huge amount of help from air purifiers in draining out the dust mites that sits at your homes proudly like it is their territory while they invade your lives day in day out. There you have, a visibly as well as invisibly clean house, pure air quality that saves you from terrible diseases and enhancing your lives.

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