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With high CADR and Six levels of advanced home air purification system, GAVI ensures to keep your indoor environment clean and dust-free. Using HEPA technology, it purifies 99.9% dust present in the indoor air, and its air quality indicator indicates the quality of air automatically. It has a built-in ionic purification system that keeps the inside air ozone free and neutralises harmful VOCs and toxins present in the air.

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Kinnaur is an advanced home air purifier system. Best HEPA air purifier technology and high CADR that keeps your small rooms clean from toxic air pollutants. Its remote sensors allow adjusting the fan speed for the optimal usage. Its filter replacement alert enables you to breathe the pure air always at home. The built-in ioniser keeps on purifying the air and prevent any dust leakage.


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With a high CADR, Whitehorse purifier cleans yours indoors with six level of advanced purification system. Whitehorse comes in top air purifiers systems, which is suited for hospitals, clinics, classrooms, conference hall, and banquet. It comes with a sleep mode function that offers quiet and efficient working. Its built-in Ionic purification system keeps your environment free from the harmful toxins and lets you breath fresh and pure air every time.


Raahe is the best affordable air purifier for cars that uses state of the art HEPA technology and advanced purification system. Its Ionic purification system eliminates small toxic particles, bacteria, smoke present in your car environment and lets you breathe pure air wherever you go. It has low noise level less than 35dB and operates silently.

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