Air Pollution- The Unwanted Guest for Delhi-NCR

People living in and around Delhi-NCR were greeted to a new day with dark and gloomy morning following the night of Diwali celebration. The bad air days began with the ending of the much loved festival. The most unwanted guest seems to have made its arrival once again in the capital city and its neighboring regions. News about Delhi’s poor air quality index is hitting headlines of newspapers and media houses across the country and internationally too.

Health emergency in Delhi-NCR

The government has declared a public health emergency directing schools to remain shut for the next few days. This however is not something new for the people in Delhi, but each onset of seasonal change bringing aggravated condition of air pollution. The spike in Air quality index because of diwali crackers also intensified with the unfavourable weather condition and stubble burning.

As reported in news Medias, according to the Ministry of Earth Sciences’ Air quality monitor, SAFAR, levels of PM 2.5 reached as high as 735 at Delhi University. And Delhi’s overall air quality index (AQI) reportedly stood at 463 as given out by the System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research (SAFAR).

The health hazards that air pollution causes are numerous starting from damaged cells in respiratory systems to cardiovascular and decreased lung functions, asthma, bronchitis and even cancer. And it is horrifying that the capital city’s air index quality soared to such a high that is noted as hazardous. Going outdoors thus becomes a challenge. One becomes easily exhausted and drained of energy; because of the impurities one breathe in. People then take refuge in using masks and covering oneself with no guarantee that it is safe resistance or ideal combat mechanism.

Indoor Air Pollution

While we consider outdoor air pollution as dangerous we must remember our indoors are equally polluted and poses equal threats to our health. We keep pets. We cook food, all of these activities taking place within the four walls of a concrete set up with less ventilation and no proper air passage way in congested cities like Delhi. The impurities that intrude our homes and the smoke and heat emitted while cooking, pets’ hair and dander, the resultant chemical items we use, all of these contaminate the air we breathe indoors which is equally hazardous as the outdoor air pollution. While it becomes largely the responsibility of the government to bring about measures to curb with air pollution such as green ecology, banning automobile and heavy industrial emissions, decreasing stubble burning, our indoors are our responsibility. And the only best way to deal with indoor air pollution is to have air purifiers installed at homes. And installing air purifier indoors for metropolitan cities has become a necessity rather than an extra asset or luxury. Air purifiers not only purify the air but also help in maintaining a clean home.

Elofic Air Purifier

A good air purifier typically comes with HEPA technology. Elofic Air purifiers are such purifiers that come not only with HEPA technology but also with ionic filtration. They are made efficiently with advanced filtration technology. Protect yourself and your loved ones from the pollutants and harmful chemicals all around you with Elofic air purifiers that promise to help you breathe healthy and live healthy. Do away with all the unwanted impurities, toxic chemicals indoors with our eco-friendly, efficient and advanced Elofic air purifiers. It may also interest you to know that Elofic air purifiers come in varied models and designs suitable for every household and indoor areas regardless of the size be it your home, office or cars. Choose Elofic air purifiers for clean and healthy living.

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