About Us

Elofic Industries is a globally recognized and certified company with over 600 skilled professionals catering to the country’s air purification needs. We are India’s only independent fuel, air, oil, and hydraulic filter manufacturer. We produce over 85 million filters every year and also export about one-third of it to the global market. With over 67 years of expertise in the filtration industry, we have established ourselves as the most reliable automotive filter manufacturing company in India. We make air purifiers for every type of home, office, public place, and car.

Original Filtration Experts

We are the only Indian air purifier company who manufacture products in-house. Since 1974, we have been India’s first and only OEM filter experts. We are the forerunners in the automotive filters industry for over 67 years, having manufactured millions of filters. We have our R&D facility at Faridabad and our manufacturing plants at Faridabad, Nalagarh and Hosur. Our air purifiers with in-house filters contribute to clean and fresh air PAN India. Advanced features like timer and filter indicator make our products smart and easy to use.

Let’s do this Together

Elofic Air Purifiers are for every household, office space, car and indoor area regardless of its size. We want to build a clean and healthy world for everyone. The various air purifier models from our company are specially manufactured to serve you in different spaces. Raahe car purifier is ideal for cars, Gavi and Gavi Plus purifiers are ideal for medium spaces, Kinnaur Purifier is ideal for smaller spaces, and the Whitehorse Purifier is ideal for large public areas.


Join us in this venture by making your own home, car, and office space a clean and safe place for everybody to breathe in. Switch to Elofic Air Purifiers for eco-friendly, affordable, and durable air purifiers.


Our Vision, A Clean World

Our team at Elofic Industries, inspired by the vision of our founder, the Late M.S. Sahni, aims to contribute to a cleaner and greener environment with our efficient air purifiers based on eco-friendly technology.

Home Air Filter

We envision a clean India with pure air for everybody. We are creating a future where nobody has to breathe impure air or feel suffocated in any indoor space, be it their home or a public place.


We use a 6-layer filtration technique to ensure that the air that finally comes out into your room is free from every kind of allergen, pollutant, and toxic substance. You can trust Elofic air purifiers to provide you with clean air for a healthy life all year round. With Elofic air purifiers, you and your loved will enjoy the benefits of clean air, which will in turn improve your immunity, respiration, energy, and promote good health.

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