HEPA Filter

Concerned about the quality of the air you are surrounded by? Elofic Industries brings you HEPA air purifier technology that you can trust without any doubt.


Quiet Operation
Elofic air purifiers are noise-free so that you can breathe clean air all day long, without any sound disturbance.

Filter Indicator
The filter check feature will remind you when a servicing is required so that you don’t have to bother keeping a track yourself.

Multi-Layer Filtration
Our efficient filters expel 99.9% impurities at 0.5µm.

Inbuilt Ionizer
This absolute ozone free system traps every particulate trying to enter your clean living space.

Child Lock
With the Child Lock feature, the system is immune to accidental interruptions.

The timer feature enables you to go to bed or leave home with the system on. It knows when its job is done.

automatic re-start after power interruption.

Free-Filter Replacement
A free filter replacement is provided within one year warranty period.

Cost Efficient
Low maintenance and operating cost.

Detox your homes with the filtration expert

Elofic is the original filtration expert that uses state-of-art filtration technology in its air purifiers. We never compromise on the quality of our filters. Our air purifiers are powered by exceptionally efficient filtration systems. Our team of professional and skilled engineers and R&D technicians ensure that every piece of product manufactured is flawless and highly efficient. Elofic Industries invests in facilitating its workforce to encourage innovative designs and evolve product features. Being the country’s most trusted air purifiers manufacturer, we keep challenging ourselves with newer goals for better, more efficient, and advanced products.


3600 protection & purity

Complete air coverage for all

What is the point in breathing fresh air indoors, only to expose yourself to the pollution and toxins outside? This is why Elofic Air Purifiers are made for every place. Your homes, offices, cars, restaurants, malls, gyms, hospitals, wherever you go, Elofic’s HEPA filter technology protects you everywhere.

Our true HEPA air cleaner keeps working silently until the whole room is free from toxic airborne substances and particulate matter. No matter how large space, Elofic has got you covered with a six-stage filtration technology.

portable air purifier

Providing a Better Life for your Family

Be it your home-family or your work-family; you want the best for everybody. Start with clean air, free from toxic chemicals released in the air from devices like refrigerators, printers, computers, and even soot and pungent odour released from cooking, Avoid the harmful effects of smoke from cars, cigarettes, or even hookahs at bars. Avoid the annoying smell of body odour at the gym, or foul smell in bathrooms. Elofic Air Purifiers work on every kind of smell and toxin in the air.

Relieve Form
Hay Fever

Control Pet

Prevent Pm
2.5 Pollutants

Reduce Smoke

Control Indoor
Air Pollutants

Suitable For
Pregnant Woman

More About the Filter

Elofic air purifiers come with a six-stage purification process including the High-Efficiency Particulate Air or HEPA treatment. This gives the maximum Clean Air Delivery Rate ( CADR ). Our air purifiers are the best HEPA air purifier for allergies. Elofic’s air purifiers have inbuilt ionisers that use anions to purify the air without forming ozone. Being made in India, Elofic air purifier models are not only perfect for Indian weather conditions but also very cost-effective. All Elofic air purifiers give you maximum air purification with no toxic byproduct. If there is one thing you can rely on to keep you, your family, and your employees safe from pet hair, aerosol sprays, vehicular pollution, and all sorts of indoor and outdoor pollution, it is this Elofic air purifier.

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